Wednesday, April 2, 2008

sporty chic

While wandering through the local mall today looking for shoes to wear in a friend's wedding, I dropped into Kohl's and impulsively bought this lovely jacket.

Everything from their Simply Vera collection by Vera Wang was on sale, between 30%-50% off, so I had to take a look, even though I haven't been too fond of her products. There have been some jewels, such as the silk evening dress from her 1st collection that was the iconic piece used in all the marketing materials, a dusty rose spring jacket that I had to have, as well as the lovely lilac pleather bags and clutches. However, for the most part, the pieces run on the large size, most have some garish plastic-like crystals sewn on, and fabric used in the pieces are on the heavy side, so they don't move very fluidly on the body, but rather, drag on the body.

The photos of this jacket really don't do it justice. While I had already wrote off cropped jackets 'cause they are the least flattering for most body types (and mine is of the petite and curvy kind, therefore I look like a short pregnant woman when I normally try them on), the cut and details on this piece make it a very smart and chic addition to every wardrobe. The key presentation on this jacket is the funnel neck (so you can go from sporty to frilly to clean w/ a simple yank on the lace) and the back has a lovely wide pleat.

With some skinny jeans and a simple top underneath, I imagine getting a lot of style for very little money. And since this jacket retailed for $88, and I got it for only $44, it was definitely worth stumbing upon. No longer available online, check out your local Kohl's to see if you can get a shot and owning this very cute jacket.


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