Monday, April 7, 2008


I couldn't make it out to Brooklyn to see the new Takashi Murakami exhibit, but a simple search online and one can see what all the hype was about, as various bloggers have been posting photos, and some on eBay are hawking the limited edition goods as well. I didn't find any info. on any new Murakami characters being introduced this time around (like he'd done for the LA exhibit), but a new monogram/camouflage pattern was introduced, and while some early limited edition bags and accessories were for sale at the exhibit, the rest of us will have access in mid-June for the new line.

Frankly, I really think this is the fugliest Murakami pattern ever. Nothing is very balanced in this print. What the hell does the LV monogram have to do w/ camo? Where is the "art" in this? It's so uninspired and passé (do you know anyone who wears camo these days?) that I'm not even going to write more about this, because as much as I adore LV from time to time, this is just ugly and lame. I would not spend any $$ on this. Even if someone gave it to me, I wouldn't carry it. That's how crappy this new pattern is. So sad.

If I wanted camo (and not of the serious military kind), I would've gone with the Tokidoki/Lesportsac camo print, which is more creative, unique, and inventive. Certainly, Simone Legno had a good time incorporating his cast of characters with a traditional camo print to infuse a new look and feel. This is where the art comes in, really. However, even with this design, I didn't succumb to buying a purse, so there is no way in heck I would even entertain the idea of the Monogramouflage. Blech.

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