Monday, April 28, 2008

musicians rocking their bling...

Fresh from my friend's wedding, which was long and beautiful and rowdy and perfect, I am still harboring the wedding high. Does it help that I caught the bouquet during the bouquet toss? I received many congrats from the other girls while my honey looked away...haha...

Anyhow, I don't have a ring to show off, but some celebs as of late do. I love seeing the glam jewels, 'cause who in reality that I know would walk around with 5 carat stones?

Ashlee Simpson is wearing this gorgeous ring, which I believe is an Asscher halo (but correct me if I'm wrong). It's so bright and sparkly and classic, I'm jealous! Pete Wentz has surprisingly traditional taste.

Carmen Electra, in the meanwhile, is sporting a black diamond ring. I definitely don't like this as much. The black diamond looks more like an onyx here, and the clear diamonds along the band don't really complement it. I think if there was a halo around the black diamond, maybe that would make it pop more. But it most definitely suits this very dark, goth couple.

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