Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I never met a frog that I didn't like...

Ever since I was little, I'd always thought that frogs were kinda cute. In their buggy-eyed, bloated tummies, padded fingers kind of way, they always seemed to represent wide-eyed innocence. Other girls always associated frogs with a handsome prince in disguise, but not me. Maybe because I grew up (for a short time) in an area where I had access to frogs, snakes, turtles, and salamanders, I liked the frogs for the frogs themselves, and these little creatures never really grossed me out.

While frogs aren't normally viewed as creatures reserved for cute accessories, I instantly fell in love with these 2 very frog-centric pieces.

The first is this adorable little ring from J.Crew. This version comes in black agate, but there is also a lemon jade version (which would've been my first choice, but I think that one is sold out). I love that it's a little frog that's wrapped around your fingers, much like the little frogs I used to catch as a kid in Walden Pond. This is an ideal little ring to wear on the index finger, methinks.

Then there is this Marc Jacobs purse! It's kinda silly, is fully impractical, and really, why a frog, but I love it anyways. I like that the frog is smack in the middle, as both a showpiece and an accent to the bag. While you can get it in neon pink or acid yellow, I prefer the muted, plain black version, because the gold frog stands out more.

For a one-of-a-kind frogger experience, Neiman Marcus has an exclusive version of the frog bag.

Yes, even Victoria Beckham would approve (if she was your idol, of course). :p

J.Crew 10kt Gold Stone Frog Ring - $425 at J.Crew

Marc Jacobs Evening Rana Pouch - $795 at eLuxury

Marc Jacobs Angie Evening Frog Pouch - $1,195 at Neiman Marcus

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