Thursday, April 24, 2008

little transformations

I'm wrapping up on my outfits for my friend's wedding on Saturday. Was in NYC this past weekend, and I bought these earrings in Chinatown in a Korean shop for $8 bucks. I really liked them 'cause they match the maid of honor dress, and they're bright and sparkly, but hopefully without taking away attention from the bride!

The crystals are not quite matching in terms of color (they're not Swarovski, after all - those darn Asians and they're cheapola manufacturing process!), but I bought them anyways, 'cause once they're worn apart on the face, I hope it's not too noticeable.

I didn't like the long metal thread they were handing off of, so I swapped them out and re-attached them with some 14kt gold-plated ear wires instead. Yeah, its weird, since the prongs on the stones are silver, but I think it looks a lot better now. (I would've put in silver ear wires, but haven't had time to go buy any, and I didn't have any spares lying around...tsk...)

Also, I wandered into Claire's again and bought a 60" necklace (for $8.50), which I'm converting into the chain of my ID holder case, so it's like a mini-purse now. The circles in the chain look very "groovy," which seems to be the look of the dress anyways. Who'd thunk that I'd go for the mod look anyways?

I hope everything looks good together. It's wonderful how little transformations can seem to improve these cheap little items. :)

I have to say, I normally wear fine jewelry, but I have nothing against faux for occasions like parties, since so much is going on, and if you're running around, the last thing you want to worry about it losing something expensive. Put together, I think this will all look very stunning.

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