Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ashlee the Designer?

Bye and bye, I try to avoid any bags or clothing designed by celebs mainly 'cause they are less about design and more about cashing out in the name of the celeb. The one time in recent memory that I was tempted to buy anything designed by a celeb was the most aptly named Hayden bag, designed by (da da da dum) Hayden Panettiere. I immediately stopped myself when I remembered it was a Dooney & Bourke (HAH!), thus keeping my number of purchased products designed by a celeb at a nice fat zero.

I might change my mind this time around when Ashlee Simpson's line of t-shirts for Wet Seal come out on Apr. 22nd. I actually care very little about the younger Simpson sister, but I love the designs on her tees. (I know, I'm shocked myself!) I don't know how much design input she put in, but I really like the colorful and youthful animal prints. I know it's not a new style, but her version of the tees look demure and edgy, not sloppy or too masculine. Even the tees printed with artsy sketches of Ashlee aren't so bad, but since I'm not a fan of her per se, I'd skip those.

The price points aren't bad either, where most of the tees are listed between $16-$20. I love tees, I generally prefer wearing them over more glamorous fare (thus it's too bad I work in an office and can only wear tees on the weekends). Looking forward to seeing the entire line when more info. comes out.


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