Wednesday, April 2, 2008

'Allo again...

After a long hiatus (5 months to be exact) from blogging, I am back to see if I can take this to another level. I have to admit, after some serious writing last year on basically a purse obsession, some slight fanatical book-reading, and the occasional gushing about movies and music, I got really tired and bored of myself. I mean, I literally hit the wall in terms of "do I really care about what I'm writing about?" so I had to take a break, and focus on things that were going on in my life that were more important. Basically, I was fatigued from writing about me.

Anyhow, spring is here, and I need another outlet for my thoughts and dreams, passions and loves, so we'll see how long I can keep this up. I am still challenged in that I can't seem to find my voice. It teeters between academic archaicism and pop cultural sensibilities. I can sometimes be turned on by my own ideas, but when it starts to veer into narcissistic territory, I want to slap myself silly.

I decided to jump-start a brand new blog so that this would be even more me-centric (I even named it after myself!), but really, what I want to devote my time to are all aspects that are on my mind in terms of the creative world, be it fashion, design, music, et al. My proudest blogging moments last year were this critique on Louis Vuitton's collaboration with Richard Prince, as well as a short editorial on the tai tai phenomenon in Asia. I want to get back into that level of writing, but with a wider perspective. I hope you will join me. :)

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