Friday, April 18, 2008

joker style

The first time I saw Miu Miu's Harlequin bag, visions of clowns and jokers danced in my head. The design reminded me of costumes of yore, akin to something a court jester would wear while parading in front of the king and queen.

I actually wondered who would carry this, a mishmash of colorful diamonds like a painted soccer ball, but surprisingly, this bag is starting to grow on me. The likes of Victoria Beckham and Lindsay Lohan are saying it's ok, it can be stylish to carry a patchwork bag. So join us as we strut our stuff!

The disconnect of this bag with their outfits isn't the point. It's about the confidence that anything you wear can look great if you believe in it. I see this bag easily being knocked off and sold at the closest flea market. It's not about high design here, but a decent, colorful, easy-to-sling bag for the every woman. Don't take everything too seriously. I think even a vixen like Harley Quinn would be proud. She is, after all, the epitome of sexy joker style.

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