Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Congrats to Kate Tsui!

Congrats to Kate Tsui for winning the Best Newcomer Award at the Hong Kong Film Awards yesterday. The HK Film Awards are their version of the Oscars, so to win this so early on in her career is quite exemplary. Kate is a former Miss Hong Kong, and one of my faves on TVB. She is beautiful, but has portrayed everything from being a punk to a tomboy, and normally doesn't play the sweet gorgeous girl that would be easy to cast her in. (My brother always maintained that she was hot, even when they made her dress like a boy with no make-up on, and he had no idea she was in pageants. Guess he has an "eye?")

I have not seen this movie, Eye in the Sky, but it's supposed to be a dark cop thriller (can there be any other genre coming out of HK?). I have skimmed enough reviews to want to check it out, if only to see what led to Kate winning such a prestigious award.

Kate posed in front of her own movie poster - how funny!

Does anyone know what's going on with her dress? The weird embroidered coils of white on top of the textured black are like a strange, crocheted version of couture. Luckily, she is definitely beautiful enough to carry it off!

UPDATE: Dress is by Fendi. See the runway version here. It seems like Fendi had a case of the circles in their entire spring line...

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