Wednesday, April 9, 2008

the ladies are back.....!

Few American icons have influenced the way my friends and I thought about love, sex, and life more than the ladies from Sex and the City. As we were coming of age ourselves, first in college, then in our first jobs, the ladies were there to make sure that we didn't make the same mistakes, if life threw us a doozy that we didn't fall too hard, and that there is such a thing as happy endings, even if they didn't start out as your typical fairytale romance. They also made it ok for us to obsess over clothes, bags, and shoes, and that was pretty cool, too. (Can you remember what life was like before SATC? No one talked about or carried fashion the way they did!)

I always thought of myself as a cross between Charlotte and Carrie, traditional by whims, but in my zest for life, a free creative spirit still trying to live by the rules. A good friend of mine was the classic combo of Samantha and Miranda, tough on the outside, sarcastic and somewhat cynical, and who went through guys like they were t-shirts on a hot summer day, but on the inside, vulnerable and caring, looking for the guy who can see through her shell.

As the countdown begins when SATC will be in the theatres, I approach this movie with trepidation of what will happen to all of my favorite characters. I have avoided all trailers so I have no idea what the story is about (I detest spoilers!), and I've been very harsh on some of the wardrobe choices that were used in some of the sneak peek clips that I've seen, but I still hope that this movie doesn't disappoint, in that when the TV series ended, Carrie had her Prince Charming in Big. What could they possibly do to make this couple not last? I hope that from all the different wedding dresses Carrie wears, she will certainly get a chance to walk down that aisle for real.


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