Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sharon Stone is a dumb bitch!

She said that the earthquakes in China could have been caused by bad "karma." Is she retarded or what? Sorry, but that's pretty much telling a whole race of ppl that they deserved death, suffering, hell and more 'cause the gov't did something that these ppl had nothing to do with!!! What a stupid bitch! I can't help it, I hate ppl who are so damn ignorant and heartless. I'd like to see her reaction if her whole family suffered through some tragic, NATURAL disaster. Is that karma, too? 'Cause payback's a bitch.

In an interview with Hong Kong's Cable Entertainment News, the 50-year-old actress (and staunch Tibetan rights advocate) tied the natural disaster -- which has claimed at least 65,000 lives -- to Beijing's policy on Tibet.

"I'm not happy about the way the Chinese are treating the Tibetans because I don't think anyone should be unkind to anyone else," she said Thursday at a Cannes Film Festival bash.

"And then this earthquake and all this stuff happened, and then I thought, 'Is that karma? When you're not nice that the bad things happen to you?'"

Not that anyone cares what Sharon Stone thinks, but she's eternally a bitch in my book now. What a dumb idiot. Boycott, boycott, boycott everything she's in!!! In Beijing, they are already removing all the Christian Dior ads that feature her. I would tell her to screw herself, but she's probably doing that already. Sorry for this uncensored rant, but she totally deserves it. Talk about diarrhea of the mouth. Dumbass!


D&G needs to apologize to those snakes

Lindsay Lohan was carrying one of the limited edition bags from Dolce & Gabbana. Have to say, I'm not loving it at all. The acidic colors don't meld very well; there doesn't seem to be much rhyme or reason when you see it being carried vs. it sitting in a photo. Really, it's the jarring colors that I have something against. Considering that these are precious skins, I don't feel like these colors, or the design of this bag, really honor the qualities that one should give to an animal that died to become your bag. So there you have it. Those poor pythons died to become a putrid green and purple accessory. Something very sad and tragic about that...

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love those Coldplayers!

I've been obsessing over the new Coldplay song "Viva la Vida" ever since I saw the Apple iTunes ad last week. The album's not out yet (at least, not for another couple of weeks), so I've had to make do by watching Youtube tributes to hear the entire song. By far, the best of the batch is this Coldplay tribute band, "The Coldplayers." The lead singer's voice is beautiful, perfectly clear and stunning; in some ways, I think he even out-sings Chris Martin!

Check out all the videos below; they are all fantastic. I secretly wish that there is a full video of the Apple version, 'cause the graphics and the colors look so perfectly dreamy for the song. I have a feeling that the official video will look nothing like, this, though. In the meanwhile, both versions of the song from the tribute band are just perfect; they really should come out w/ their own material and claim some fame for themselves! Enjoy! :D

Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends - Coldplay - to be released on June 17, 2008

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

yummy pink martini

While Skyy vodka ran quite a campaign to promote their products via SATC, including creating drink recipes for each of the ladies and Mr. Big, this revitalized version of the Cosmopolitan pays homage to the magic that is "Sex and the City." To honor the premiere of the film, The Carlyle hotel in New York is adding a new drink to their menu, one that you can order in the Bemelmans Bar, called "The Bradshaw." If you can't travel far, though, create your own SATC party by serving this drink at your next soirée.

The Bradshaw cocktail will be a delicious pink concoction served in a martini glass frosted with pink sugar:

The Bradshaw

2 oz Don Julio Blanco Tequila
1/2 oz X Rated Passion Fruit Liquor
3/4 oz Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice
3/4 oz Cane Sugar Simple Syrup

Shaken, served straight up in a martini glass rimmed in hot pink sugar, garnished with a lime wedge.

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Tropic Thunder exclusive trailer

A "Tropic Thunder" fan (thanks, Trailer Girl!) tipped me off about this exclusive, uncensored trailer for the film. This version of the trailer has even more to the story than the previous trailer that I've seen. I already fawned over their American Idol appearance, but this is really what the film is all about. Check it out; it's freakin' hilarious!

I spy the Mancrazy

I spied in this paparazzi photo Ashlee Simpson carrying the LV Mancrazy bag. Oddly enough, it looks more like a Speedy in the way it sags, rather than a rigid bag, which is how it appears in the press photo.

I never knew Ashlee as an LV girl, while I always associated her sister Jessica as the LV queen, but perhaps her love for LV is rubbing off?

Louis Vuitton Monogram Joke Collection - Mancrazy bag - $2,710


Thursday, May 22, 2008

a nice surprise in the mail :)

I want to thank The Moment staff for sending me a cool little tote that was from a press kit for Milan Design Week. This #4 tote was designed to promote Established & Sons, a British-based design and manufacturing firm known best for their inventive furniture.

Thanks again, I love it! :)

Madonna's got sexy front AND back

Madonna dazzled in this spangled dress from Chanel Couture, from their Spring 2007 collection. She made headlines when it was realized that this dress is actually semi-transparent (so yes, you can see her nipples :P), but I still think she looks fab. She was at the Cannes Film Festival to promote her documentary "I Am Because We Are," a film showing the plight of Malawi orphans who had lost parents and siblings to HIV and AIDS. One would think she would wear something a little more conservative, but that wouldn't be Madonna for you!

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Totes for a Cause #3

I absolutely adore this Wine and Bread tote from Rebecca Minkoff. It has an air of rustic/farmer's market to it, evoking a great loaf of crusty French bread and beautiful bottle of Reisling that one can tote to a picnic along the Charles.

Not only that, but if you purchase this tote directly from RM's website, 5% of profits benefit the Earth Organization. I personally love the royal blue tote. :)

Rebecca Minkoff Wine and Bread Tote - Royal Blue or Chocolate - $185

nothing comes together better than black & white

Somehow, I think you'll be quite the conversation piece if you went out in this Vince dress, and carried this YSL tote. Just be clear that you haven't been smearing yourself with a black Sharpie. :P

Vince Paint Brush Shift Dress - $175 (formerly $245) from
Yves St. Laurent Raspail Cascade-Print Canvas Tote - $895 (formerly $995) from

not for you alcoholics out there...

Here are some Skyy Vodka recipes inspired by "Sex and the City." The Charlotte martini looks yummy! Experiment, and enjoy!


Guitar Hero homage to "Risky Business"

This will be my last post on "American Idol," 'cause yeesh, I had nothing to say about it all season long, but suddenly I'm all over the finale show, and even I think it's a tad much. Anyhow, I loved this Guitar Hero ad that aired separately last night during the finale. It's a fun and smart homage to a classic movie scene that made Tom Cruise a star. My only thoughts? I think it's über-weird to put David Archuleta in underwear, considering his young age. I'm just sayin''s a little weird. See both ads below.

carrie bradshaw jewelry

As we all sit in anticipation, waiting for "Sex and the City" to finally hit theatres, you can think about accessorizing yourself just like the ladies from the Big Apple. I must confess, for a movie with so much hype in terms of fashion, the movie tie-ins have been mostly sub par, where the product peddling has ranged from a Mercedes SUV (sorry, but the ladies HARDLY ever drove on the show), lingerie, Houlihan's (cheap food), Vitamin Water, Steve and Barry's (cheap clothing?!?) Skyy Vodka (click here for yummy recipes), perfume, etc. Anyhow, now you can wear jewelry, just like what the ladies wore on the show. Jennifer Fisher's jewelry will be featured in the movie, but you can purchase those exact designs for yourself. I think they're cute, but pricey considering the very "handmade feel" of the pieces, but that style is popular these days, so to each their own.

All jewelry available at Jennifer Fisher NYC:

Heart Pendant with Diamonds - no price available
14k Cuff Bracelets - Yellow Gold - $660
Gold Hoops - Yellow Gold - $1980
18k Fancy Hoops - White Gold - $1980
Skinny Hoops - Yellow Gold - $440


While I was very happy that David Cook won last night on "American Idol," by far, my ABSOLUTELY FAVE moment last night wasn't seeing Mike Myers as the "Love Guru" (although he was pretty funny), or Carrie Underwood (she looked gorgeous, but I wasn't loving the song), but THIS, this HIGH-LARIOUS video. I was laughing so hard, but the tone of the video was perfect.

Apparently, in a not-so-obvious marketing ploy, the stars of "Tropic Thunder," Ben Stiller, Jack Black, and Robert Downey Jr. all made an appearance, and in this case, in the form of back-up singers for Gladys Knight as the original "Pips." Jack Black had the smoothest dancing and comedic moves, but as I'm currently in a love-fest with Downey Jr. 'cause he's still Iron Man in my mind, I was excited to see him, too. (And in case you didn't know, RDJ plays an African-American in this film. Digest this a bit...)

Anyhow, watch, enjoy, and if you decide that you love it, d/l it from iTunes, as proceeds will go to charity. :)

Funny, but not funny enough!

Absolutely flawless!!!

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

David Cook won American Idol!

YAY!!! :)

mantra for life

While "Keep Calm and Carry On" has always been my mantra in life (I am most calm during crises), I love that this was also the mantra used in a poster that was created during WWII in Britain, but was never issued until it was discovered and reprinted by Barter Books in the UK.

That being said, I definitely want to buy it, but in what color? The classic red seems most appropriate, as it brings to mind the color of England (double decker buses, telephone booths, guard uniforms), and the red was there as sort of an alarm to remind folks to calm down (maybe in case of an air strike?). However, some entrepreneurial folks have created silk-screened versions in all different colors, from duck egg blue to metallic gold. These are softer, more muted colors that are most would fit in great with my bedroom, which is more on the white/sky blue theme, or even my office, if I chose to decorate that space.

Also, going with just the red poster from Barter Books is a lot cheaper, since it's a mere reprint. The silk-screen versions are all a lot more expensive, but I actually might prefer that, even if I'm going for the red.

So what will it be? Help me decide! Red, gold, or blue? Go cheapy-cheap (£3.60) or go for the upgrade (£18.00)?

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Kate Moss for Topshop Summer 2008

Kate Moss is back with her summer collection for Topshop, which just launched yesterday. I'm not really into bohemian chic, or anything to do with tribal prints, denim, or rocker edge, but I do love the few, girly pieces she has this time around, especially her collection of chiffon dresses.

I really love how that from the front, everything looks prim and proper, but the backs are exposed for a very sexy and modern feel. Only the most confident girl can pull this off!

Here are some shots of Kate in her clothes. I think only she can wear a potato sack and look hot. On anyone else, these dresses would look rather dated and fuddy-duddy, maybe even a tad cheap, no?

My only complaint is that we still don't have a Topshop here! Also, when are these prices going to be adjusted for the dollar? We're too poor to afford these dresses in pounds!!!

Kate Moss for Topshop Collection

Frill Sleeve Dress - Petrol - £85
Frill Sleeve Dress - Sky Blue - £85
Ruffle Hem Dress - Cream - £85
Pintuck Dress - Grey - £100

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Congrats to Tang Wei!

Congrats to Tang Wei 湯唯 for winning the 2008 Chopard Trophy at Cannes, awarded each year to actors on the rise. Considering that she has been virtually blacklisted in China for her work (nudity, portraying traitors, all big no-nos in the eyes of the Communist government), this is certainly a bright spot in her young career.

I actually very much enjoyed her performance in "Lust, Caution," so although I haven't seen any of her other work, I look forward to seeing more.

And despite the devastating earthquake in China, she still showed her support when she won her award.

"Thanks Chopard for this award. It's an honor for a new actress to be recognized. This means a lot to me. I'm grateful to be here. At the same time my heart is with the people affected by the Sichuan earthquake. I would like to thank everybody for the immediate and continuous support to the disaster in China and in other disasters around the world. Also, I wish to say a special thank you to Chopard and Roberto Cavalli for the personal donation to aid in the earthquake recovery. Thank you for this honor again."

In case you're wondering, not only did she thank Roberto Cavalli, but she was also wearing his design. And she was wearing Chopard jewels! Sneaky, sneaky!

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