Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bally Jana sounds like a cartoon character...

I know, I'm supposed to be looking for the perfect camera bag for my trip, but I couldn't help myself when I saw photos of this bag worn by Jessica Alba!

It's so big I think you can roll me up and stuff me in there (ergo, opposite of small, which is what I'm supposed to be focused on), but what I really love are those giant chain handles, which actually serves a purpose of carrying it like a messenger bag if need be. Those giant chains were the same reason I really liked the Louis Vuitton Olympe Stratus GM from last year. Something about these giant, chunky resin chains that give the bag an edgy yet sweet look. It's like casual jewelry for the bag.

Anyhow, if I wasn't so set on not buying any bags for awhile (we ARE in a recession, folks, stop kidding yourselves), I'd def. look into this very cool piece. A beige version of the bag is available, too, but I like the black patent version MUCH more.

Bally Jana bag in black patent leather - $1,295

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