Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tiger Woods' Jesus shot

This is just too funny!

Sorry for the lack of posts, but real life has kept me very busy, and many things are going on. That being said, I've also been glued to the TV, watching the Olympics practically every night. Michael Phelps is my new hero!!! Anyhow, maybe when things die down in mid-Sep., I will be back in posting mood, but I will expect that my posts will unfortunately be few and far.

Friday, August 8, 2008

The Beijing Olympics are finally here!!!

I'm re-posting this official Olympic anthem 'cause I'm SOOOOooooo excited to watch the Opening Ceremony tonight, and anyhow, I can't get this song out of my head, so why even try? The first time I posted this song, it was edited down and didn't have any subtitles. The first version below is full and is fully translated. After seeing the meaning behind the song, I definitely think that the lyrics are both inspiring and extremely poetic, which is very much in line with how Chinese poetry flows. It is a very patriotic song, but how can you blame China? - they are a very patriotic nation.

Anyhow, enjoy the song. I wonder if it will be performed at the ceremony. Also, I listed two versions because the 2nd version has a different ending, where they actually show the athletes in action. I think this will be one of the best Summer Olympics yet!

Monday, August 4, 2008

the Olsen twins' new coffee-table book

Speaking of twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen will be co-authors on a new coffee-table book titled "Influence." Featuring 22 interviews with who they deemed influential actors, designers, and artists, the book features the likes of Diane von Furstenberg, John Galliano, Lauren Hutton, Karl Lagerfeld, Christian Louboutin, Margherita Missoni, and Giambattista Valli.

While I wouldn't call myself an Olsen fan, one of the things I admire most about them are their work ethics. People make fun of their "hobo" fashion styles and call them out on MK's eating disorders, or who Ashley is currently dating, but what I find most remarkable about them is that even though they rarely speak to the press, and aren't in-your-face in their need for fame, they were able to transcend all of that by just working hard in areas that interest them, which in these days are fashion for Ash and acting for MK.

They've been working since they were toddlers, have never been exploited in a way that was damaging to their reputations, and were keen enough to go to college when they obviously had little need of it, if only to expand their minds just a little more. I admire how private they are, while at the same time building an empire that seems very much to be built on love and a belief in their own products. One forgets how young they still are, but they appear to be very wise due to their life experiences. Because of that, I would be very interested in reading what they feel are "influences" that have made them strong and successful.

"Influence" - Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen - $35 (Pre-order at Amazon or Barnes & Noble - available Oct. 28th)

Jolie-Pitt twins!!!

The first photos of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's twins have hit the web. I think these photos were supposedly taken by the same photographer, but oddly, the People cover is much more "clean and soft" in terms of colors compared the Hello! cover, which is grainy and dark.

The babies are too young to look like offspring of mega-stars, but I can't wait to rifle through the pages of these mags, if only 'cause I just have an inexplicable fascination with Brad and Angie, as does the rest of the world. Something about the way they can live their lives so freely, jetting here and there, having a gazillion children but still looking like a young, loving couple, spreading humanity and grace around the world - there is a charm to that that is so attractive, and in some ways, enviable. They seem untouched by the worries that we every day folks have.

Anyhow, the only thing I'm jealous about is that they were able to have twins! If I ever have children, that was what I wanted, a boy and girl, at the same time. They are just so lucky...sigh...

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Obama is NOT Mr. Darcy, IMHO

I normally try to not state my political views here, mainly because I don't believe this is the best platform, nor do I think people in general care about my views, but reading this op-ed piece really stirred a level of discomfort that I didn't know I had about the current election.

In the New York Times, there was a piece that compared Barack Obama to Mr. Darcy (the haughty but dashing hero), and America as Elizabeth Bennett (the spritely, carefree heroine). In an unfair way, John McCain was compared to Wickham (the dishonorable villain). While the piece was written eloquently and with much wit, I don't know if I agree that Obama is Darcy, and I only say this because I love Darcy!

I was a Hillary fan all the way. Despite the critics out there (really, which candidate is wholly perfect?), I really believed that she could make a change for the better based on her experience, intelligence, and understanding of both domestic and global issues. So I was very sad the day she was no longer in the running. I look at the current candidates and see flaws written all over them, with issues that they bring as "benefits" which to me are clear problems.

Barack Obama is a great speaker, has presence on stage, clearly loves his family, and believes in bringing "change" to the White House. My biggest problem with him is that I don't know what that "change" is supposed to be, and how he's going to do that. In fact, based on what I just wrote about him, I know VERY little about his policies. I can easily Google those and read them, but I think my issue with him is that I don't believe him. I think he's a master manipulator in his debates, where he tailors his thoughts for specific audiences; how different is that from when John Kerry was running 4 years ago and people accused him of being a flip-flopper? However, he slides by and gets away with this a lot of times. I'm not a political analyst, so I'm not going to try to name every episode, but I've been reading articles here and there, and listened to some of his debates, and just based on his answers on how he's going to handle the economy and taxes, there is a lot he doesn't understand about basic finances. I used to think I was a Democrat, but I'm beginning to think I'm more of a liberal, because I have issues with raising taxes to help fiscally-irresponsible Americans. There, I've said it, most Americans are big spenders, with debts up the wazoo, and now responsible Americans have to pay more taxes to help those who didn't manage their money well? It's one thing if people are working and underpaid, but an entirely different issue if people don't know HOW to pay for something, but can't stop buying. Sorry, I don't want to be a part of that. But if Obama is elected, there is a big chance that he will raise taxes only for a certain income-bracket, and relieve those with mortgage probs. I think there needs to be more assessments in this area than just lumping everyone together and making everyone responsible for those who abuse the system.

I also think he's too green. He's just not experienced enough, and I think his strategy is to please the audience, get into the White House, and then figure it all out once he sits as President. I think he's a lot of BS sometimes, and I mean that in the most polite way. He's on an extended job interview, and every time he has to talk to a new person, he reads that person by how they ask the question, by what their body language is, and he tailors his answers to please the interviewer. But what are really his credentials? There aren't enough to say whether or not he can get the job done, and do I like what he has planned? I just don't know, because his platform to this day is still too vague.

In terms of McCain, poor guy, he's getting older but he wants this job so badly. I respect that he's a former POW, that he's one of the most liberal Republicans out there, but my biggest hang-up with him is the issue of abortion. I think I feel better with his stance on the economy compared to Obama, but geez, what century are we living in, what country are we living in, if the most basic woman's right is taken away? I'm not FOR abortion, but I don't think it should be illegal. If a woman is going to get pregnant and doesn't want that child, she should be able to walk into a medical clinic and seek help. I don't want to read anymore about women fiddling with wire hangers or throwing babies away into public toilets or dumpsters, because if you put a woman in a desperate situation, she will do desperate things. Allow a woman to choose, and McCain, you just might have my vote.

I have never wanted to vote for a Republican in my life, but the choices here aren't so stellar, in my mind. If it were Hillary vs. McCain, hands-down the Democrats would have my vote. I'm tired to reading about how "great" Obama is. I want to understand what he will do for our country, and for me as a citizen. Lay out your platform, and maybe I will re-assess. But you ain't no Mr. Darcy, 'cause you haven't won my heart just yet.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

another Harry Potter book!

Two months ago I wrote about the auction of "The Tales of Beedle the Bard," a handwritten collection of short stories by J.K. Rowling. Amazon owned the only original copy that was available for sale, and at the time, they did not have the right to publish it, so we were stuck reading synopses, which is just a tad boring compared to actually reading the stories themselves. But with perseverance and patience, everyone in the world will now have a chance to read it. In December, the book will be published and available for sale! This is especially exciting for "Harry Potter" fans such as myself. :D

In addition to the standard, mainstream copies, for a limited time, Amazon is selling a replica of the book they own. This version is only available through Amazon. I immediately jumped at the chance to own a copy.

Tucked in its own case disguised as a wizarding textbook found in the Hogwarts library, the Collector's Edition includes an exclusive reproduction of J.K. Rowling's handwritten introduction, as well as 10 additional illustrations not found in the Standard Edition or the original. Opening the case reveals a velvet bag embroidered with J.K. Rowling’s signature, in which sits the piece de resistance: your very own copy of The Tales of Beedle the Bard, complete with metal skull, corners, and clasp; replica gemstones; and emerald ribbon.

As a bibliophile, I'm a sucker for interesting books. I think I just love the idea of owning a book that is similar to what the characters in HP would be reading, and not your standard, mass-produced book. Only thing is, I have to wait 6 months to get my hands on it! But better late than never!

"The Tales of Beedle the Bard" Collector's Edition - by J.K. Rowling - $100 (only at Amazon)


Friday, August 1, 2008

zhang ziyi's engagement ring

I was quite surprised when I first read that Zhang Ziyi 章子怡 was engaged. She's so private I didn't even know she was dating! Or, maybe in America, she just wasn't a big enough star to have that sort of press published. (Personally, I'd rather read about her engagement than to endure another cover story on any of the Hiltons/Lohans/Hills girls/etc., but you get the point.)

After much roving, I finally found pics of her gargantuous ring. I have no idea who made it, what cut it is, etc., but it's definitely a sparkler. (That double starfish ring is to die for, though!)

Congrats to her and her MOGUL fiancé, Aviv "Vivi" Nevo. Up until I read his name in Vogue, I had never heard of him, but as his outings w/ ZZ have been more frequent, he is starting to get into the spotlight himself. One example was via this investigative report from the New York Times. It appears, they are very interested in him, too!

As for the ring, even though it's so huge, it doesn't come off tacky at all. The design of the ring feels classic and stately, unlike Mariah's ring pop. :P Can't wait to see pics of her wedding, which is supposed to happen next year...!


August 2008

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

a VERY limited Louis Vuitton...hehe

The main reason this Louis Vuitton bag won't last forever? 'Cause it's made of sugar and flour!

Gregory Soriano, a master baker, created this CAKE in a tribute to the Louis Vuitton Patchwork Tribute bag from last year. I am ogling this photo and just can't get my head wrapped around that this is a cake, and not some whimsical sculpture. Dubbed the "World's Most Expensive Cake," I actually wonder how much a cake of this artistic quality would go for. He has some other designs as well, but this one really, ahem, takes the cake. :D

The cake is above, while the purse that inspired it is below.

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Christian the Hugging Lion

OMG, watching this video made me want to weep like a baby, but my heart swelled at the same time. I am such an animal lover that seeing a wild animal recognizing his former masters and giving them such loving hugs really touched me in that weird, maternal way (and, no, I have no children so I really couldn't relate!). Anyhow, if you haven't already seen this video, check out the whole story from the "Today Show. " It's so sweet!!!

Below are some "home photos" of the lion while he was living with his human family before he outgrew them. So cute!!!

In addition, this lion cub made such an impression that he inspired a wildlife preservation called the George Adamson Trust. Learn more and support their conservation efforts here.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Zhang Ziyi vs. Lucy Liu

With the Beijing Olympics upon us in a matter of weeks, there was bound to be additional coverage, as was the case for the August issues of Vogue and Harper's Bazaar.

In terms of coverage, who wins? On this side of the ring, Zhang Ziyi 章子怡 had a glowing article about her rise to stardom, starting with her humble beginnings to her now international fame and new engagement to international tycoon and venture capitalist Aviv "Vivi" Nevo. Her photo shoot wasn't too bad, although the styles they paired her with were rather harsh, mostly in terms of the make-up and hair (feels like they were trying to claim the '80s?). I don't have scans of the pics, but you can see her video below as she talks about the photo shoot. And of course, she was featured in Vogue, the mother of all fashion mags. However, other than the fact that she is Beijing-born, nothing in the article or photos link her at all to the Olympics (ok, she was one of the Olympic torchbearers, but that was hardly emphasized).

On the other side of the ring, Lucy Liu had a more Olympic-inspired photo shoot, which was fairly creative, and her pictorial spread was much larger. However, there was not a word about her, not even a blurb on anything she was potentially promoting, so it looked like they borrowed her to model for the mere fact that she is Chinese-American (and thus, she's really Team USA). Her photos were in Harper's Bazaar, which as of late has been more inspiring for me to pick through than Vogue has been, so it's not THE best, but pretty up there in my mind.

So who wins? I say.....NEITHER! Assuming that the fashion world is embracing all things from China, and the Beijing Olympics being such a platform (note that a lot of design houses even created special, limited-edition pieces for the Asian market BECAUSE of the Olympics), I find it terribly defeating that neither could make the covers.

For Vogue, Kate Moss was on the cover, which makes sense seeing that she is 1) a supermodel, and 2) promoting her fashion empire, but her photos weren't even that great (see article and photos here). They could've put her on the cover of the September issue, since that's when the new Topshop will debut in the US (she being one of the coveted lines in the brand, it would have made sense in that case). Zhang Ziyi could easily have been on the cover, and no one would have thought it strange. She's been seen on the red carpet very frequently, wearing all the new designers, so she is already known for embracing fashion. I would have loved to see a beautiful spread of her in China, w/ maybe the Olympic stadiums or ye ole' temples or modern skyscrapers in the backdrop. How lush would it have been to see her in gorgeous gowns and showing the beauty of Beijing behind her? I don't particularly think that Ziyi is a great actress either, but she is def. on the A-list, and Americans do recognize that she is a "star," so why not the cover?

For Harper's Bazaar, there was a boring article about Jessica Biel (who has never done anything great except a GQ cover and dating Justin Timberlake, IMHO), and some lame photos of her "dancing" with designers like Vera Wang and Zac Posen. The photo qualities were mediocre, and if you were to compare her to Lucy Liu, she didn't have anything in particular to promote either, so how'd she make the cover? Lucy had some cool photos, and while they weren't shot in Beijing, they were cute in trying to blend fashion with athleticism. I don't know if Lucy is still big enough to land a cover, but isn't it a little sad if she was only able to land the photo shoot 'cause she was Chinese-American, and for no other reason? Like, some editor in some glossy magazine cubicle sat there and said, "Beijing Olympics are coming up, we need to put a Chinese person in this shoot, quick, how many well-known Chinese actresses are there that we can land for this? They don't even need to be promoting anything, or talk, 'cause we're not going to bother interviewing them. Just make sure they're Chinese."

Anyhow, maybe I should be happy any Asians get their own coverage, but it pains me that no Asian one can land the cover yet. One would have thought that this time, this would have been a great opportunity to do more than just the norms. Do you have any thoughts?

Friday, July 18, 2008

reggaeton wannabes

The full video for Hayden Panettiere's new single "Wake Up Call" finally dropped. After several viewings, I started to realize which song this reminded me of. It's, gulp, a lot like Paris Hilton's "Stars are Blind." I don't think they sound exactly alike, but for some reason, that was my first thought. Go figure.

I need to stop listening to crappy pop songs sung by wannabes. Sigh...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hayden wants to sing for you

"Heroes" star Hayden Panettiere is trying to break out of the small screen and become a singer. In a cross-promotion with Candie's for Kohl's, which she has been a spokesperson for some time now, in her latest TV ad, she debuts a snippet of her first single, "Wake Up Call."

The song isn't bad, although it has a mostly reggae vibe to it, which doesn't strike me as her style, per se. I can't say that her voice is spectacular, either, but at least she's actually singing on-key, so I guess that's a good sign. (I know, we have low expectations for today's pop stars/wannabes, don't we?) Hayden is one of those young celebs who isn't too tarty or too clean, so she's in an interesting gray area that allows her to explore many avenues of creativity. I would say that she shouldn't give up her day job, but the song, which can be heard in its entirety here, does grow on you after awhile.

In addition, she also did a series of print ads which will run in magazines. Notice the music theme throughout the campaign...?

Click below to see behind-the-scenes of her filming the ad.

Trust me, I can sing!

I'm definitely the wrong target demographic for this campaign, so while I'm not holding my breath for any of these fashions, or her CD, I can't wait til "Heroes" returns! :D

Jessica's mini-me

OK! mag scored the cover story of Jessica Alba and her new baby girl, Honor Marie Warren. As far as I'm concerned, all babies look alike until they turn 6 months, but at first glance, this baby doesn't look much like Jessica; she probably looks more like the dad.

Many celebs have had babies recently, but very few are actually interesting to me. Like, I could care less that Tori Spelling, Matthew McConaughey, heck, even Jamie Lynn Spears had babies, but since Jessica is renowned for her beauty, I was def. curious about what her baby would look like, esp. since she gave birth to a girl.

She is def. a cutie, but wait til the Jolie-Pitt twins take center stage! Those are like, the epitome of celeb babydom. :p

Doesn't it kill you that all of these celebs, upon giving birth, have to put on the natural make-up and matronly hair to look "maternal?" Just so weird...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"May your penis hurt when you make love."

This has got to be the funniest thing I've read all day. An ancient tablet was found with a sexual curse in an old city kingdom of Amanthus, in Cyprus, Greece. Written on a lead tablet, it also shows a man holding something that looks like an hourglass in his right hand. Yes, take a guess what that is! But why it's shaped like an hourglass, I really can't say...

Anyhow, sorry for the lack of posts, but been not too excited while reading anything, except for maybe Angelina and Brad's twins, but until pics comes out for them, not even going to write about that. Been going through a series of writing doldrums. Could it be because I am turning 30 in less than 5 days?!? Argh... This is off-topic, but anyhow, more later...


Friday, July 11, 2008

the perfect bridesmaids

I just thought that this was an immensely pretty photo of Blake Lively and Leighton Meester. Feels like a real, behind-the-scenes shot at a wedding, relaxed and perfect, and not staged for the show. They were probably just chatting here. The lighting, the colors, even their body language and expressions, so pitch perfect.

I normally wouldn't go for floral prints, but these ladies managed to make the pattern sophisticated and sweet at the same pink and yellow! So, so pretty... :)


over excessive use of the word "love" in this post

I've been trying to catch up on my TVB viewing (one of my guilty pleasures, as no friends of mine even watch them anymore!), and the series I'm currently watching is "The Seventh Day" (最美麗的第七天). I'm halfway through the series, and although I accidentally read a spoiler (D'oh!), I'm still enjoying the series. The parts w/ Bosco and Natalie are way too goofy, but I loved the build-up of the romance between Niki and Kevin.

Anyhow, I am also in love with the two theme songs for the series, esp. the duet between Kev and Nik. Several months ago, I wrote about how I hated Kevin's solo main theme...I really thought it was horrendous. But after multiple exposure, it is now in my good graces. I think the music has a nice, moody, haunting feel to it, so it's not so bad.

Kevin Cheng 鄭嘉穎 - The Most Beautiful Seventh Day ("The Seventh Day" theme) 最美麗的第七天 (最美麗的第七天 主題曲)

Here is the same song sang by Vincy Chan 泳兒. I'm not sure which version I like more...she's an ok singer.

As for the duet...LOVE IT!!!!! I can't stop listening to it. The chorus, the chorus, I luuuuuuv the chorus! Will a CD version ever come out?!? Why doesn't TVB do the smart and obvious thing and release all of these songs on a CD/DVD package? I would buy them all up!

Kevin Cheng 鄭嘉穎 and Niki Chow 周麗淇 - Embracing the Air 抱著空氣

For the music critics out there, I know, I have very simple taste in music...haha...these aren't mind-blowing audiophiles, but I appreciate a good melody, one that I can just hum or sing to. Sometimes, good music only needs that. So anyhow, enjoy these two songs, while I sadly comb through the world wide web to find a version worthy of putting on my iPod. I hope the duet comes out on CD. :( Hoping, hoping....maybe it'll be on Niki's next CD...

the ugly side of Louis

WWD Japan revealed on their cover a sneak peek of the exclusive collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Comme des Garcons. Starting in September, there will be a pop-up store selling six exclusive bags, all designed by Rei Kawakubo, featuring the classic monogram canvas and leather, albeit with some, ahem, whimsical twists, like extra handles, or two handles morphed into one. The store will only be around for 3 months, and will only be in Tokyo.

I took a gander. I paused. And the first thought in my mind... What is this HIDEOUS eight-armed atrocity? It's absolutely ridiculous. I can't even label this an artistic piece. It seems very trivial and silly. This is supposed to celebrate the two esteemed brands?!?

There is just something so plainly revolting and convoluted about these designer collabs that I feel speechless. Where is the DEE-ZIGN?!?!? I don't see it here. I'm not even talking about the practicality factor, which this bag obviously does not have, but pure aesthetics, that makes one proud to carry a bag, any bag. This is not one of them. It took my breath away because it is such a sorry looking piece of crap.

I have been a devoted LV fan for years, back when the pieces were classic (Vernis is my fave line, all the way), and it was such a luxury item that one doted on and took care of, and wore with some level of pride and fancy. Nowadays, the brand has devoted itself to so many hit-and-run, sometimes successful, sometimes tacky projects that it has lost a lot of appeal for me. These new "limited" pieces don't excite me at all. If anything, I'm dumbfounded that anyone, fan or critic, would think that these are cool at all.

Am I just being too conservative? I hope not, as I always prided myself on having a clean, appreciative eye for the finer things in life. These creations really look shoddy and uninventive to me. I don't understand the hype, if only to allow ppl to hate it, much like I do, and spew venom about it on blogs. Haha...but I digress...really, this is is JUST - SO - UGLY!!!

I took a quick look at Comme des Garcons' designs, and there are some really cool, edgy stuff in there. Their color thematics fall into the blacks and whites, the lines are very post-modern and not frilly at all. I would have LOVED to see them re-invent the LV brand into something that was in line w/ their usual perspective. That to me would be a true collab. Taking stock LV canvas and changing (or in this case, adding) stupidly useless handles does not equate a genuine collab for me. It's an insult to a true LV lover and anyone who has the moneybags to afford this useless crap. It is a sad day in the world of LV.

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

I was Team Jason all the way...

I wrote about "The Bachelorette" awhile ago, and while I haven't written anything about it lately, like weekly updates, it all finally ended this past Monday. I've been biting my tongue all week, but can I just say, I'm STILL shocked that DeAnna didn't pick Jason! I mean, she's obviously very happy w/ Jesse, but IMHO, Jason was the better choice. He was loving and a family man (he loved his young son; ok, maybe being a stepmom was not her thing), original and romantic (LOVED that board game he created for her), and def. easy on the eyes! Jesse, for me, was missing something.

This was by far the best season I've ever seen from the franchise. ABC got smart; they didn't drag this thing out for months on end. Every Monday was a 2-hour cheese-fest of unrealistic pining and overzealous admissions of love and excitement, and it came down to a very (sad - for me!) entertaining ending, where there were many tears every episode. Yes, I'm a big mush ball when it comes to these types of shows. My family mocks me for watching this, but we all want love, we all want others to find love, it's a very universal thing, so why not be voyeuristic about it?

Anyhow, here is the very sad ending. I hope that Jason finds some lucky girl out there soon; he is aching to be in love, poor guy.

But the best thing about the finale for me? DeAnna's dress! It's so gorgeous! It reminds me of something Ariel would wear if she had legs...the deep blue color up top feigns the coolness of the ocean, and the green at the bottom like a glittery tail of a mermaid.

Alas, the dress, by Badgley Mischka, is sold out, but what a beautiful outfit to be engaged in! A great season, a bittersweet ending at the end, but maybe they'll make Jason the next Bachelor? It's either him or Jeremy, but Jeremy was a little scary at the end... I mean, talk about sour grapes...

And yes, I deliberately didn't post the proposal w/ Jesse, 'cause I just don't understand it! :P


Karl will attempt to conquer the World

It was bound to happen. Homes, built by...Chanel!!! Well, maybe not Chanel, but with Karl Lagerfeld at the helm, it will probably be very close in terms of style and quality. This is really as luxurious as one is going to get if you are into high fashion. Makes me wonder what those closets will look like; will there be specially designed niches for all of those high-end goodies?!?

Fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld has signed an exclusive deal to design 80 limited edition homes on Isla Moda, the world's first dedicated fashion island, set in the iconic development, The World. This will be an exclusive collaboration between Dubai Infinity Holdings and Karl Lagerfeld across the GCC and India. Karl Lagerfeld is the first of five designers who will contribute to this iconic property.

Isla Moda

Isla Moda is the world's first dedicated Fashion Island. A mixed use development set in the iconic development The World, Isla Moda will combine a fashion resort, haute couture residential villas, bespoke retail offerings and luxury hospitality facilities in a drive to establish Dubai as a paradise of style. World renowned fashion designers from each continent will be instrumental in designing each element of the development.

Isla Moda will include a fashion hotel and a variety of luxury residential villas. The Hotel Moda will have approximately 250 rooms and serviced apartments, along with boutiques representing the world's most prominent designers, many of them exclusively. There will also be design studios and dedicated areas to service world renowned fashion events. Each area will be designed with the needs of the fashion industry and fashion connoisseurs in mind.

Near the residential collection will be the stylish Beach, Royal and Water Villas. All villas and villettes will offer a unique living experience while the limited edition villas will offer one of kind views, private beaches, pools and other unique residential accessories. As a first-of-a-kind project in the world, fashion conscious residents will select from the world's most recognized designers to create their own couture homes.

Isla Moda will also host exclusive international events, featuring high profile-designers and attended by the fashion world's crème de la crème. Fashion shows and limited edition product launches are a few of the events that will take place on the island.

Moreover, Isla Moda will offer first-class service in the form of a personal concierge for guests and residents alike ranging from a style concierge for clothing, perfumery, personal style makeovers, as well as design concierge to create one of a kind living environments with bespoke furnishings, art, and technology. Hotel guests and residential owners will also receive VVIP access to exclusive events, services, and products globally.

This is just insane. A whole island retreat dedicated to fashion!!! Just boggles the mind how cool and funky and beautiful this place is going to be. This is like the rich man's (or woman's) Disneyland.

I don't see myself ever having the opportunity in my lifetime to live in such a fantasy land, but one never knows, I could hit the lottery tomorrow and things will be very different. Maybe I can visit the hotel, assuming it's cost prohibitive! :P I can't wait to see what the homes end up looking like once they have all been completed. Sounds completely swoon-worthy!

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

the bag I had to walk away from...

My mind is going in circles 'cause yesterday, I was at a Chanel boutique and I saw this Melrose Cabas in Coral Satin, and it was on SALE, and it was SO adorable, and my heart wanted it, but my head said no, it was completely impractical - too big and would dirty easily - and it was more beautiful as a display piece than functional as a bag. In my mind, I pictured myself walking along Newbury, carrying this gorgeous bag, but it just didn't make sense. If I was walking around, I wouldn't carry that much stuff. And other than gym clothes, who would need a bag this bag on a daily basis? I don't have a kid, so I wouldn't stuff diapers in there (although w/ the satin, more the reason NOT to?).

So I had to walk away, alas, and bid it farewell. I have my eyes on a very beautiful Chanel bag, so I musn't get distracted by other bags that won't fit my lifestyle. Poopy...


the dancing man

I'm prolly very behind in terms of these viral videos, but I love it! I couldn't stop watching them, if only because this guy, Matt, has come up w/ the cutest, coolest, and goofiest way to document his travels around the world. I like his earlier works, before the masses of ppl joined him, as it seems a bit too commercialized and takes away from the original, but they're still fun videos to watch over and over again.

I'm sooooo jealous that he's been to so many places around the world. He gives me hope that I too can one day travel the entire world. My personal fave is the video from 2006; there are some amazing locations that he dances in...!

I posted them below, from the newest video to the oldest. Just watching these videos really made me want to dance! :D




You can learn more about how this video project started through this nice little article from the NYT. There is also a website on the videos at :)

Monday, July 7, 2008

de-cluttering Likky...

Sorry for not posting as frequently as I used to, but I've been terribly busy w/ things going on in the personal realm, one of which involved a monstrous spring/summer cleaning! I spent the last 2 weeks sorting through a lot of old clothes, bags, shoes, magazines, etc. It was both a relief to get things organized, but manic as well, trying to emotionally distance myself from many items, since I really need to donate/sell some to de-clutter my life.

That being said, I will be posting a bunch of stuff for sale on eBay, so if you are interested, do take a peek to see if anything excites you. I'm not a celeb, so I'm not guaranteeing anything extraordinary, although I will say that my pièce de résistance will be a Christian Dior purse that I never used, as it all but sat in a box for the last 4 years, so now it will hopefully find a new home. The others are bags that were given to me but never or slightly used, as well as a couple pairs of shoes which I only wore a couple of times. Haven't fully decided yet, but yes, it was time for me to let go of some items, as much as I had loved them at the time. Hopefully, someone out there will value these items as much as I did...

I will update you more once I get a chance to take some pics, and include the links for the auctions as well...

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Lucky Leighton

Leighton Meester graces the August 2008 issue of Lucky magazine. I like this pic of her 'cause she looks very beautiful even with the more natural make-up. Also, she's not too stylized like some of her other pictorials, so it's refreshing to see.

I haven't picked up a copy of Lucky in ages 'cause it's a dangerous mag; it has so many goodies inside I start to covet, so the less I see, the less I'm tempted. However, on the inside of the mag, you can see some of Leighton's personal fashion picks.

See a quickie interview during her photo shoot below. I think she's kinda funny in interviews, 'cause she comes off talking like a tomboy, not very girly at all, which is how she's portrayed on "Gossip Girls."


that Shiloh loves her dolls, huh?

Sorry to intrude into the most famous toddler's privacy, but I thought this was just super adorable. Little Shiloh seems very attached to her dolls, whereby she's not holding one, but 2 of them, and they are almost as big as her! Just too cute...can't wait to see what the new Jolie-Pitt supposed twin girls will look like; 2 more little versions of Shiloh?