Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sale Alert - Jay Godfrey

For anyone interested, Neiman Marcus is having a last call on their sale, although a quick skim tells me this is the bottom of the barrel, folks. That being said, if you have some spring flings to attend soon, there are some adorable dresses by Jay Godfrey.

I was just introduced to this designer last night while watching "America's Next Top Model." His designs are not only youthful and vibrant, but look like classics that can survive the seasons. They are so colorful that you don't even need a lot of accessories, just a pair of strappy heels will do the trick. My fave is this royal blue one-shoulder bow dress. The color works at both a pool party or a cocktail event.

Right now his dresses on sale are at an astounding 40% off. Definitely try to get your hands on one before they're all gone.

Jay Godfrey Sale - $249 - $309 ($40 off retail) - Neiman Marcus

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