Thursday, April 17, 2008

jewels fit for a king

Louis Vuitton sent out a newsletter this morning hinting at a jewelry collection that will be unveiled on their website at the end of April. A collaboration with Pharrell Williams and Vuitton creative consultant Camille Miceli, the Blason collection will feature four distinct themes.

While the jewelry had already been promoted heavily back in January, this will be the first time you can purchase it from the comforts of your home. The designs span a wide range of European influences, from the power symbols of aristocracy to the more romantic cherub. The line is definitely a one-off collaboration, and does not relate to any of LV's current clothing or bag designs. Although I find the pieces to be too loud and dare I say, a little on the pimpin' side, it definitely aligns with Pharrell's unique style.

You can see a promotional video for the collection here. The video's ok, but the song is really strange. :p

Louis Vuitton Blason Jewellery Collection - €1,400 - €420,000, or approximately $2,070 to $621,000

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