Wednesday, April 23, 2008

after-wedding party outfit

With my friend's wedding only a few days away, I'm already trying to plan out my outfit for the after-wedding party, which is taking place at a local nightclub. Since the wedding activities will start at 9am, and won't end 'til well after midnight, I need an outfit that's comfortable but dressy, 'cause by then I know I'm going to keel over from exhaustion.

I decided that I'm going to wear this very colorful silk dress from French Connection. I bought this while it was on sale last fall at Macy's, but never felt like I had an appropriate occasion to wear it. What I really loved about the dress was the bright geometric pattern, which was very Pucci-esque to me. With the temperature finally warming up around here, I think this will be a very cute dress to wear at the end of the night, not to mention that I just bought the perfect casual shoes to go with it.

I was walking through the mall today looking for bejeweled flip-flops when I came upon these adorable gold flip-flop sandals from Aldo. I already have my maid of honor outfit all figured out, but I wanted really comfortable shoes in case the heels I got were too much to take hours into wearing them. I think that these will be a comparable substitute to the heels that I got, since they are both gold with tiny little clear crystals, so it won't be too noticeable if I change into them halfway into the reception at night, but also, I can wear these to the club.

And finally, I was wandering into Claire's Accessories looking for cheap nail polish when I spied this very cute gold embossed pop-up ID holder. (I don't think I've set foot in a Claire's since I was 12, but man, there are so many cheap goodies in there!) It doesn't fit anything more than credit cards and cash, so I wouldn't be able to carry a phone on me, but that's ok, will probably ask my honey to carry that for me, and anyhow, this little case was love at first sight. The jagged pattern makes me think of a carved gold nugget. I'm even thinking of adding a long strap or chain to it so I can carry it diagonally across my chest; much easier to dance around and not worry about losing it!

Anyhow, have all sorts of anxiety about being a maid of honor, but at least I'll look good doing it! :p

FCUK French Connection Bladerunner Silk Dress - $158 at Zappos

Flotabo Gold and Crystal Flip-Flop Sandals - $40 at Aldo Shoes

Gold Embossed Pop-Up ID Holder Case - $6.25 at Claire's Accessories

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