Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Blake and Leighton mugging it up

While I'm still on my "Gossip Girl" mini-obsession, here are some new pics of the ladies from the May 2008 issue of Nylon magazine. While I've glimpsed cutesier photos of them from mags like Teen Vogue, they are def. showing an edgier look here. I'm not sure if the covers are double covers (2-in-1), or if the mag is trying to cash out by creating 2 independent covers (double the issues, double the revenue), but I think they both look pretty styling.

I love what they did with Blake's makeup, esp. in this pic. She lost that "sunny" look and is rocking a model-esque expression.

Click on the video below to see behind-the-scenes action at their photo shoot.


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diamondcanopy said...

Oh I do love gossip girl and that photo shoot video was fun to watch!