Tuesday, April 15, 2008

shooting for the perfect camera bag

I will be off on vacation in 3 weeks or so, but in the meanwhile, I am still looking for the perfect travel bag. After many trips around the world, I have come to analyze that I ~believe~ I need to carry a lot, but I never need half the stuff that I bring. Also, a bag that feels light at the beginning of each trip inevitably feels like a heavy burden by the end. I am the type who enjoys walking everywhere, toughing it up on public transportation, moving with the masses, and sure, if there's time, I will take a break somewhere in a nice café, but I am usually on my feet, taking in the sights and sounds, and the last thing I want to worry about is heaving a bulky bag.

After much breakdown of my bag inventory and all their pros and cons, I have decided that the perfect bag for me must be small, light, hard for a pick-pocket's quick hands, hands-free, and most of all, stylish. It can't be too much of a designer piece that I become a target, but delicious enough to still be fashionable. This pretty much excludes hand bags, totes, and messenger bags. Absolutely no on the backpack and the fanny packs. So what's left? The handy little camera bags, now coming back in style.

I stumbled upon this little yellow bag that is just too cute. Pictured in the center, it is a patent leather bag by Tse, and retails for $450.

I am in LOVE with this bag, because it's everything I'm looking for. I love that the price isn't too crazy, that it's patent leather so will survive any slight drizzles, and the color is fun fun fun. There are several Tse stores in the Boston area, so I will have to make some calls to see if they have it in stock. What do you think? Think it's worthy to bring along on vacation? :D


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