Wednesday, April 2, 2008


There's homage, and then, there's blatant rip-off. I was flipping through my fashion magazines when I came upon the latest United Colors of Benetton campaign. Look familiar?

It is basically a regurgitation of the Louis Vuitton Spring 2007 collection.

I mean, everyone copies everyone else, but the styling of these photos, from the floral headbands down to the fabric necklaces and pale make-up, are just too obvious. I never had much of an opinion of Benetton, except for maybe walking in the store from time to time to check out their stuff, but what does this new campaign say about them? That they were too lazy to come up with anything original?

The timing is also bad. They didn't do it last year when the look was considered current, and they don't wait a few years from now so that it feels fresh coming from them. They wait exactly one year to launch the exact same look. What retarded marketing manager came up with this stellar idea?

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