Tuesday, April 8, 2008

come here to get your designer bag!

I found this to be an utter riot. Outside of the Murakami exhibit in Brooklyn, they created sets of faux vendor stalls that were selling real LVs. I love the irony of forcing these wealthy people to have to feel like they need to be bartering in the streets in the cold for a $3,ooo bag. While this was an obvious poke at the counterfeited bags that you can buy on Canal St., there is a certain level of poking fun at the rich, too. The fact that they would buy into this marketing concept and will play along only shows what the power of a brand will make people do. It is kitschy rather than low-class to be buying a designer bag from a street vendor. How the times have changed.

I think all that's missing are the Street bags from LV's last spring collection. Those fit the Chinatown theme MUCH better...

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