Thursday, May 1, 2008

why yes, I DO have a green thumb

For the last few weeks, I've been looking for the perfect pot to hold this languishing jasmine plant that was given to me by my honey's mom. I kept meaning to bring it into my office at work, since there's plenty of light there, and jasmine has such a beautiful scent that it is perfect as a natural fragrance for the indoors (compared to placing diffusers w/ artificial oils, and def., no candles in the office!).

After many weeks of searching for a perfect, modern, contemporary planter that wouldn't break the bank, I purchased a pretty fuchsia glass bowl several weekends ago to place my plant in. However, I've been having second thoughts 'cause the bowl is actually too shallow to hide the top of the draining pot that the jasmine is in.

In comes these cute pots that not only look stylish and modern, but can help you water your plants, too!

The simple, egg-shaped design means that the focus is only on your plants. Rather than the fuddy-duddy planters of yore, this little pot has no drainage saucer, and is an all-encompassing unit. As a person who may have to travel frequently for work, I also like the benefit of not having to worry about my plants starving for water, since there is a reservoir that you can pour water into, and the roots will automatically be quenched when the soil is dry.

I'm seriously considering the larger pot, but there are some little ones, too. I love the light blue version. Reminds me of a robin's egg. :) My jasmine will finally have a home!

Karim Rashid's GroBal ($24.95) and Grobal Baby ($14.95) at


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