Thursday, May 15, 2008

scorpions and orchids

While I'm on the subject of Angelina's beautiful dress, she also wore another dress that really captivated my imagination. The stark image of an orchid and scorpion merged into one was both romantic and edgy. Thomas Wylde, designed by Paula Thomas, has several other styles of the dress, all utilizing this sinfully seductive pattern. Pregnancy certainly hasn't tamed Angelina's raw, wild side. I love that this design has edge without being creepy. Again, Angelina makes another gorgeous choice.

Thomas Wylde Belted Strapless Dress - White - $750 at eLuxury

Thomas Wylde Belted Strapless Dress - Black - $750 at Aloha Rag

Thomas Wylde Habotai Silk Dress - White - €819,00 at L'Inde

Thomas Wylde Orchid Scorpion Hooded Kaftan - Black - $900 at Net-a-Porter


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