Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"It is not only fine feathers that make fine birds." - Aesop

I am truly enchanted by this collection of bird jewelry from Lladró. The Magic Forest collection, from their Re-Cyclos line, are simple yet elegant, where the white ceramic birds are both at one with nature while channeling one's inner minimalist. I am SOoooo smitten by the necklaces, rings, hair combs, tiara...basically, all the pieces!

I would have immediately purchased at least one or two items, until the thought of accidentally damaging them from normal use stopped me from buying ceramic jewelry. On a daily basis, if it wasn't silly to wear birds in my hair, I would do so everyday. (It seems it's only suitable for bridal use... :P) Adornment comes in all forms, from precious, glittery stones to warm woods and jangly plastic, so why not with cool, graceful ceramic? I would be happy with even just that one adorable ring. Or maybe the hair combs...sigh...

Lladró - Magic Forest Collection

Open Necklace - $600
Choker - $525
Pendant Necklace - $425
Stud Earrings - $95
Long Earrings - $175
Hair Comb - $175
Brooch - $225
Cufflinks (gold-plated) - $145
Hair Stick - $300
Ring - $125
Bridal Crown - $600
Bridal Tiara - $525

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