Wednesday, May 14, 2008

scarlett's engagement ring

I was only gone for a week, but another celeb gets engaged!? Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds may not be in the same caliber as Angelina and Brad, but have to say, they are both equally easy on the eyes. So what does a gorgeous guy buy for his gorgeous gal when he wants to make things official? A very simple solitaire ring (by celebrity standards, anyways...have you seen Mariah's ring lately?).

Wouldn't you know it, but this ring is actually very old-fashioned, in terms of a single diamond, with a yellow gold band, not the white gold or platinum that one would expect, and it's actually very charming. I can't find any clearer pics of the ring than these for now, but I think this ring says a lot about this couple. They are obviously not flashy, but quite traditional, which is refreshing for Hollywood standards. I wonder if they will actually have a wedding, since Ryan's engagement to Alanis Morissette only ended in a break-up.

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