Wednesday, May 21, 2008

mantra for life

While "Keep Calm and Carry On" has always been my mantra in life (I am most calm during crises), I love that this was also the mantra used in a poster that was created during WWII in Britain, but was never issued until it was discovered and reprinted by Barter Books in the UK.

That being said, I definitely want to buy it, but in what color? The classic red seems most appropriate, as it brings to mind the color of England (double decker buses, telephone booths, guard uniforms), and the red was there as sort of an alarm to remind folks to calm down (maybe in case of an air strike?). However, some entrepreneurial folks have created silk-screened versions in all different colors, from duck egg blue to metallic gold. These are softer, more muted colors that are most would fit in great with my bedroom, which is more on the white/sky blue theme, or even my office, if I chose to decorate that space.

Also, going with just the red poster from Barter Books is a lot cheaper, since it's a mere reprint. The silk-screen versions are all a lot more expensive, but I actually might prefer that, even if I'm going for the red.

So what will it be? Help me decide! Red, gold, or blue? Go cheapy-cheap (£3.60) or go for the upgrade (£18.00)?

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Sue said...

I like the gold! Go for the gold!

Great blog -- I am also a big fan of MM and all things UK.

I seriously need to update my blog though..........

Likky said...

Thanks! Will def. keep that in mind. :)

I love MM! I saw him in a play last summer in London. He's very handsome (and tall!) in person.