Monday, May 19, 2008

Hermès Bathtub

While Hermès is known more for their handbags, fashion, and accessories, they also do a lot of bespoke work, which means that they create many one-of-kind pieces that aren't necessarily obvious to the mind. I tend to take more showers than baths, but I was still very much in awe of this Art Deco bathtub, which is encased in Hermès engraved leather, with horses and bridles cavorting gaily throughout. The equestrian theme doesn't come to mind when I think of bathtubs, but then again, I'm not the target audience here, am I?

As a practical person, my question would be, how do you keep this tub in pristine condition if it's going to get wet from water splashing down the sides, bubbles floating on to it, or just plain humidity from a hot bath? (I guess I'm a messy bather.) If those issues don't concern you, and you have a cool $55,000 to spare, then this bathtub is an exquisite piece for the homeowner with much to spend, and fondness for Hermès.

Environment Hermès Leather Bathtub - THG Paris - $55,000

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