Thursday, May 1, 2008

modern Chinese bride

Speaking of red dresses, which in Western society is nothing more than a hot number to wear on a night out on the town, they often conjure up in my mind elaborate, traditional Chinese weddings. Most of the standard wedding outfits are of very ornate, embroidered designs, and can be worn as a "kwa" or a "qipao."

When I came upon this very spectacular spread on a high-fashion couture version of the Chinese wedding dress, I had to post it here. The feel and look of the traditional garb is so refreshing when seen through the eyes of an art director who obviously feels that tradition can still be acknowledged without forsaking contemporary design and flare. Many modern Chinese brides sometime forsake the traditional red dress because it feels old and out-of-touch, but with these new dramatic dresses, I see no reason why a stylish Chinese bride can't include something this beautiful and extravagant as part of her ceremony.

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