Thursday, May 22, 2008

carrie bradshaw jewelry

As we all sit in anticipation, waiting for "Sex and the City" to finally hit theatres, you can think about accessorizing yourself just like the ladies from the Big Apple. I must confess, for a movie with so much hype in terms of fashion, the movie tie-ins have been mostly sub par, where the product peddling has ranged from a Mercedes SUV (sorry, but the ladies HARDLY ever drove on the show), lingerie, Houlihan's (cheap food), Vitamin Water, Steve and Barry's (cheap clothing?!?) Skyy Vodka (click here for yummy recipes), perfume, etc. Anyhow, now you can wear jewelry, just like what the ladies wore on the show. Jennifer Fisher's jewelry will be featured in the movie, but you can purchase those exact designs for yourself. I think they're cute, but pricey considering the very "handmade feel" of the pieces, but that style is popular these days, so to each their own.

All jewelry available at Jennifer Fisher NYC:

Heart Pendant with Diamonds - no price available
14k Cuff Bracelets - Yellow Gold - $660
Gold Hoops - Yellow Gold - $1980
18k Fancy Hoops - White Gold - $1980
Skinny Hoops - Yellow Gold - $440

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