Friday, May 16, 2008

The Edge of Love

While summers are about blockbuster films, I am a big fan of period dramas, and until I saw this trailer, I must confess I wasn't that excited when I first read about it, but this film looks potentially interesting. (OK, is it me, or were some of the lines and scenes lifted straight from "Atonement?!?!?!?!")

"The Edge of Love" stars Keira Knightley, Sienna Miller (I barely recognized her in the trailer), Cillian Murphy, and Matthew Rhys. According to Wikipedia, "originally titled The Best Time of Our Lives, the story concerns the famous Welsh poet Dylan Thomas (played by Rhys), his wife Caitlin MacNamara (played by Miller) and their married friends, the Killicks (played by Knightley and Murphy)." I don't know the story (I avoided reading the plot on purpose), or how it ends, but the trailer promises a lush film about love and maybe even some tragedy?

In the meanwhile, Amazon UK already posted an early link for the movie's soundtrack. I love the song in the trailer, but not sure if it will be on the CD. Hope to hear a sample soon when the soundtrack comes out.

Here is the discography:

1. Lovers Lie Abed
2. Overture/Blue Tahitian Moon
3. Underground Shelter
4. Hang Out The Stars In Indiana
5. After The Bombing/Hang Out The Stars In Indiana
6. Stranger Has Come
7. Fire To The Stars
8. Careless Talk
9. Careless Love
10. Love
11. Careless Talk
12. Drifting And Dreaming
13. Home Movies
14. Under Fire
15. Maybe It's Because (I Love You Too Much)
16. Vera Begs Dylan
17. Vera's Theme
18. Holding Rowatt
19. Careless Love
20. Caitlin's Theme

With all the promo shots of Keira as a singer, I wonder if she will actually sing on the soundtrack?


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