Wednesday, May 14, 2008

back and relaxed...and hungry!

While I'm sad to say that my vacation has come to an end, it's also great to be back! I was itching to blog while I was away, but I really needed the break, and there was so much to see and do out in the great Northwest Pacific, so I wanted to really enjoy my time out there and not be near a computer. :)

That being said, the trip was excellent, as it included nice weather, excellent seafood, and lots off shopping! OK, I didn't buy that much, as I tried to be very selective about what I would buy, but I love the few key pieces I did get, which included 3 bags (!), some silly stuffed plushes (I know I'm getting too old for that, but they were so cute), a sweater top, antiques, jewelry, a mug, etc. I will try to take some pics this week and show it all off. I'm still jet-lagged here, and anyhow, work is pretty intense the next couple of days, so I might not get to all of that until the weekend.

The highlight of my trip: the FOOD. In Vancouver, definitely get dim sum at Jade Dynasty, as this tiny, unassuming place served the best dim sum I've EVER eaten. Their flat noodles, encased with shrimp, were delectable, as the shrimp were so fresh that they crunched when you chewed! Their egg custard tart was served warm, while with each bite, a sweet milky aroma flowed into your senses. For sushi, I highly recommend Yoshi. For their special of the day, we ordered an appetizer of sawagani, small river crabs that were flash-fried and lightly salted. They are better than chips! I ordered the special assorted sashimi which had the freshest, cleanest fish I've had in a long time. For a cooked entrée, don't miss their salmon teriyaki, which was super soft and moist, and perfect with a bowl of white rice. For a meal worthy of an emperor, head to Sun Sui Wah and order their peking duck and Alaskan king crab. The skin was perfect on the duck, and the crab, wow, the meat was succulent and sweet. If you are in a Canadian supermarket, definitely grab a bag of General Tao Chicken chips. They are so excellent as the seasoning really does the trick; I wish we could get them in the States. In Seattle, the best food I had was at the waterfront at Ivar's, where they have the not-to-be-missed fish'n'chips and white chowder. The cod used for the fried fish was perfectly flaky and moist, and the chowder, while similar to our New England Clam Chowder, had the perfect balance of clams and cream that still tasted distinctly different from our version of the soup.

Anyhow, I hadn't intended to go on and on about the food here, but have to say, they were one of the most memorable part of the trip. More about my trip in later posts...!

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