Monday, May 19, 2008

ashlee's gifts to her bridesmaids

I didn't really give a hoot about Ashlee Simpson's wedding to Pete Wentz, BUT, I always like to hear about what kind of party favors/gift bags are given away at these functions. Apparently, she was very generous to her bridesmaids, giving them a gift bag worth $650. Among the pieces in the gift bag was an "Alice in Wonderland" tote bag, t-shirt, and a Dillon Rogers 14kt gold charm necklace. On each charm was the initial of the bridesmaid, a wishbone, and Ashlee's favorite number 3.

I have to say, I like how she planned the bridesmaid's gifts. Very thoughtful in terms of the necklace, but I love the "Alice in Wonderland" theme even more.

To create your own version of the gift bag, check it out at Intuition.

Alice Tote - $60

Alice in Wonderland Short Sleeved Tee in Black - $39

Dillon Rogers 14 kt Personalized 3 Disk Necklace - Wishbone - $475


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