Friday, May 16, 2008

one for the road

In the fashion spread of all fashion spreads, Sarah Jessica Parker is featured on the June cover of Vogue, as well as appearing alongside Chris Noth in a pictorial spread. This is in conjunction with the movie opening of "Sex and the City," where it feels like the PR train hasn't quite stopped chugging, despite some SATC fatigue by now (and I don't mean from sex). So what do I think?

Love, love, love the pictorial. What a fantasy-ridden, high-society, dramatic, romantic, sexual, playful, and seductive portfolio that screams power-couple of the century.

Hate, hate, hate the cover. What is up with that open-mouth gaze while sitting between some guy's crotch? Nani?!?

After you are done eating up the fantasy, click below to see behind-the-scenes action.