Thursday, May 15, 2008

SJP is not Carrie Bradshaw

New York Magazine had a very insightful interview on the beginnings and rise of Sarah Jessica Parker, from her very poor upbringing to now owning a stoop in the Big Apple, which to her is "heaven." This is a story that I never knew about her, but in my mind, really explains how she came to be both a dichotomy and the spirit of said Carrie Bradshaw, who while obsessed with the material objects in the fashion world, can still love a rich man not for his money, but because she truly loves him. Only SJP can pull that off and be likable and believable! There were also many comments from SJP lamenting the too-glitzy Manhattan taking over the idealized, gritty city of the past, as well as her showcasing the prim and proper Victorian ideals that she tries to apply to her real-life.

Read the article here. :)

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