Monday, May 19, 2008

Leighton missing but I found her!

I'm actually a little dumbfounded by this. Flipping through my June 2008 issue of Self, you see a gorgeous shot of Liv Tyler on the cover, but within the pages is a whole pictorial of Leighton Meester, along with a guide on how to protect your skin. She looks fresh-faced and very pretty. However, there is no mention of Leighton anywhere on the cover. I went to and did a search for Leighton, but again, nothing. Did the editors forget to mention her? Or do they prefer to surprise the reader?

I suppose in this day and age where every celeb wants/needs exposure, this is the classier approach, to use a celeb to promote a cause, but it isn't necessary to scream their name on the cover? What if they miss all those extra readers who wouldn't normally read Self, but are fans of "Gossip Girl?" Aren't they missing an opportunity to reach those readers? More happy shots of Leighton below.


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