Thursday, May 1, 2008

walk like them, talk like them...

...but can you sleep like them?

Cosabella is selling an official line of "Sex and the City" lingerie. By no means distinct or fashionable, the pieces here look very run-of-the-mill, but each piece is named after a character, and supposedly designed after that character's style and taste. Would you wear this stuff?

Carrie Collection

Samantha Collection

Charlotte Collection

Miranda Collection

For more excitement, watch this behind-the-scenes footage of the fashions in the film. :)

Carrie Collection - Betty Push-up Bra $86, Bustier $162, and Low Rise Thong $36

Samantha Collection - Pearl Underwire Bra $76, Low Rise Thong $33, and Garter Belt $55

Charlotte Collection - Bamboo Camisole $80, Low Rise Thong $22, and Long Pants $100

Miranda Collection - Rosangel Molded Bra $62 and Low Rise Hotpants $50

All Available at Bare Necessities

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