Thursday, May 1, 2008

La la lacey

I just purchased these two gorgeous embroidered tulle pieces from La Redoute. I'd come upon this site quite by accident, looking up Christian Lacroix dresses (who happened to have designed several pieces for this web store), when I was smitten by this lace bolero and tulle dress by UNITÉ La Redoute.

While at first glance they look a little old-fashioned, I really love the feel of these pieces, mainly because they have a vintage feel while retaining very modern lines.

I was curious about who designed them, when I found out that this line was created by Michèle and Olivier Chatenet, a husband-and-wife team who head up E2, a French "company." I put "company" in quotes because they make one-off pieces, salvaging vintage designer pieces and re-creating them into contemporary pieces. You can see some of their more extravagantly priced designs here. They obviously have a real appreciation of the old, but with a contemporary sensibility that breathes new life into the clothing.

I definitely got a bargain here, because several of the UNITÉ La Redoute pieces are currently on sale. I can't wait to receive them in the mail and start dressing up! I imagine that the bolero would be very cute worn over a simple tank top, long skinny jeans, and heels. The dress is a wonderful piece to be able to wear out to dinner or the theatre. Definitely check out this site for more French-inspired designs!

UNITÉ La Redoute Embroidered Tulle Bolero - $29.99 (formerly $89.99)

UNITÉ La Redoute Embroidered Tulle Dress - $24.99 (formerly $159.99)

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