Saturday, May 3, 2008

tickled pink

Pink is one of those colors that conjures up visions of baby girls, rose petals, Barbie dolls, Paris Hilton (ugh), get the picture. So when grown men have to design around the color pink, what do you get?

I have long been a fan of Karim Rashid, an international designer whose designs are best described as clean, minimalist, fun, and visionary. He's most well-known for his collaborative efforts, where the pieces are usually limited (and very much out of the average person's budget).

Last year he worked on a pink loveseat for the Champagne House Veuve Clicquot, in celebration of their Rose Champagne. I immediately thought that the loveseat was the most darling and romantic piece of modern furniture I had ever seen. The pink color is not disarming at all; in fact, it's quite charming, and doesn't emasculate the man sitting in the chair. If anything, it was a bold presentation, and I just loved it! (How I wish I could afford it!)

This year, in their second collaboration together, Rashid has designed an isotherm bottle carrier for the Rose Champagne, called Globalight. I am very drawn to the pink glowing light, which emits a warm, romantic light for a couple having drinks together, while the carrier keeps the Champagne cold. It doesn't stand out as obviously as a piece of furniture, but the space-agey feel of the bottle carrier is what makes it unique.

The one observation I can make here is that Rashid really loves those egg shapes. From the shape of the seats to the bottle carrier to the Grobal planter, he is definitely drawn to oval/oblong shapes!

Veuve Clicquot/ Karim Rashid Pink Loveseat - $10,000

Veuve Clicquot/ Karim Rashid Globalight - $4,500


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