Monday, June 2, 2008

Sharon Stone's comeuppance keeps on coming

In light of my angry tirade last week over Sharon Stone, while I don't apologize for it, rereading what I wrote, it was definitely a visceral reaction that was triggered as soon as I heard what she had the nerve to say, which was to blame the devastating earthquakes in China on "bad karma."

Here are her original statements.

Good God, even hearing the rest of her quote, I'm dumbfounded by her lack of heart and common sense in breaking apart the politics of the people and a natural disaster! What a brainless twat!

Anyhow, I was glad to hear that Dior is doing the right thing, which is to distance themselves as much as possible from this dumb idiot.

Luxury retailer Christian Dior has pulled advertisements featuring Sharon Stone from stores across China after the actress suggested the country's earthquake was "bad karma" for Beijing's policies in Tibet.

At least 68,000 people died in the May 12 quake in southwest China, which came months after unrest in Tibet that sparked an international outcry over Beijing's handling of the predominantly Buddhist region, which Communist troops entered in 1950.

"Due to some customer reaction we have decided to pull her image from all of the department stores and from all of China," Christian Dior China said in a statement.

Stone has a modeling contract with the cosmetics arm of the luxury retailer for which newly rich China is a fast-growing market.

"We just want our customers and fans to realize that her personal comments are not related to the company and of course we don't support any type of commentary that will hurt the feelings of our customers," Dior said.

The best way to get at her is really her wallet, which is quite sad, as I think she deserves more than boycotting. No amount of apologizing from her will make what she said any better. I know she's done many charitable work, but if the charity is coming from such a cruel and insane woman, I think it better that she stayed out of it.

Read more about China's reaction here.

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