Friday, June 20, 2008

love your planet, love your hair

Kate Hudson was shot in a beautiful series of ads for a new line of cruelty-free hair products.

"David Babaii for WildAid" has been in the works for more than two years with Hudson serving as both muse and lab assistant. It was on her head only that products made of volcanic ash, blue algae and white ginger were tested, since the brand is opposed to animal testing.

The products will be paraben-free and packaged in containers made from 10-percent recycled plastic, and they're striving for more. One thing they're exploring is using 10-recycled plastic for a liner, to ensure sturdiness, and using a greater percentage of recycled material for the outer packaging.

The company will donate 10 percent of profits to the animal conservation group WildAid.

I love that this line is meant to be earth- and animal-conscious, but the prices aren't ridiculous that you have to be a celebrity to afford them. A little more expensive than most mass-produced hair care lines, with the range from $11.95-$14.95, I'm excited to try this out.

Ever since I read Alan Weisman's "The World Without Us," I was horrified to learn that some of our every day products can cause a lot of damage to our planet. Take something as simple as face/hand wash that contains microbeads (which aren't biodegradable). I learned that when we wash our hands and faces with a product containing microbeads, the mere fact that these particles are so small, and because they don't break down, they choke the animals in the ocean. When I was looking for a face wash a few months ago, practically every product from every major mass-produced brand contained microbeads! Do marketers tell you this? Of course not! All they do is advertise on what a great job it'll do on your skin, but honestly, this is not the best way to scrub your skin! You're better off using a pumice pad, which is natural and non-toxic.

Anyhow, I digress. I love what this new product is all about, so when I finally run out of my Lux products, I will definitely try this out.

Learn more about the products and their mission here.

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