Monday, June 16, 2008

Gucci disappoints me...

I'm somewhat miffed at Gucci right now, because of their lack of customer service response! Last week, I inquired about this rose shantung top that was on sale on their website. Granted, it was actually too large for me (only size L remained), so I filled out their customer contact form to ask about alterations for the top if I did indeed purchased it, or if it was outright ill-fitting, if it could be returned. Now, it all doesn't matter, since the top is now sold-out, and I have to go look for a knock-off top or something.

When I purchased my Bottega Veneta bag last year via their website, I received stellar responses from their customer service, and that was just one woman who was operating from the NY store. So of course, I expected the same level of courtesy from Gucci (since they claim they will get back to you within 24 hours), and even if the top is sold out, maybe there are other things I am eyeing, so shouldn't they at least TRY to respond?

I suppose I could've called instead of the passive-aggressive approach of using the Internet, but I see these two channels of communication as equals, so why wouldn't I expect the same levels of service?

Anyhow, I suppose I can buy something else w/ my hard-earned money, even though I thought this top would be lovely to wear on my 30th birthday (in just a lil' over a month!), but yes, I mourn the loss of this top, even if it's the color of Pepto Bismol.

I was a fool to fall for you!

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