Thursday, June 12, 2008

candid Angie

Is it me or does Angelina Jolie look very waxy here? I don't know if it's the photoshopping or maybe she got some major microdermabrasion, but she looks really fake, which is such a different look from her Vanity Fair photos, which ranged from wild siren to angelic nurturer, but at least she looked real there.

Anyhow, Angie gave a rather candid interview to Entertainment Weekly. She talks a lot about Brad, how they're raising their children, her role as an activist in real life vs. assassin on-screen; lots of nice tidbits for Angie fans.

The weirdest thing in this article is that machine gun pendant that you can see her wear above. Apparently, for Mother's Day, her son Maddox drew a machine gun (he's 6, so that's understandable), and Brad made it into a necklace for her, which I agree is very sweet (he seems to be ever attentive, huh?), but the fact that it's a machine gun makes it sort of ironic. At least it fits in with the theme of her new film "Wanted," right?

BTW, here's a short but high-quality trailer for the film she's been promoting. The effects look awesome, but I wonder how well James McAvoy will pull off the action hero star, since he's always comes off as a softie in films like "Atonement" and "Becoming Jane."

For the EW interview, read it here.

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