Monday, June 23, 2008

throw Barbie to the birds

While Mattel is still in a bitter dispute over the ownership of the Bratz, they continue to push the boundaries with their most famous property, Ms. Barbie herself.

This time around, they thought it would be fun to show her in victimized form, attacked by birds, as inspired by Alfred Hitchcock's classic film, "The Birds."

You know, Barbie used to be about fashion and independence. Even romance didn't play a big part of her life, as can be seen by her break-up with Ken back in 2004. But to be attacked by birds? What the heck is up w/ the toy designers? Have they run out of ideas? While they're at it, why not actually scratch up her face and bloody her dress? I think it's all or nothing here, man.

Actually, the expression on her face is really laughable. It's that sheer look of terror. Yes, nothing is more attractive than a terrified Barbie.

If you're into the whole horror movie toy genre, why not include this one for your collection?

Alfred Hitchcock "The Birds" Barbie - $44.99


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