Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Chanel Mobile Art Museum

I absolutely can't wait to see this exhibit. Chanel has created a Mobile Art Museum, in other words, a moving museum, that will be traveling the world. Having already exhibited in Hong Kong and currently in Tokyo, it will make its way to New York, London, Moscow, and finally ending in Paris. In a nutshell, the entire project is described succinctly below:

The ingenious aspect of this project is that not only will the objets d'art in the museum be traveling, but so will this entire structure, the building (or pavilion) that was designed to be installed and uninstalled from city to city. You can view the structure being put together on their website.

Since different artists have contributed to this show, I'm not sure how relevant these pieces below are, as some of them come from their actual retail line. However, since they appeared on their site, I thought it was worth showing as well.

I love how Karl Lagerfeld continues to excite and dramatize the brand, but through very unconventional avenues, and not through obvious marketing ploys. Unlike the Murakami introspective, which thrived to profit through their art exhibits by selling as many limited Louis Vuittons as possible (no, that is not contempt you are hearing...or is it?!), not only are these Chanel-inspired art pieces not for sale, the admission to go in the museum (as I'm checking the Tokyo listing) is free of charge. Absolute Chanel heaven!

The exhibit will be in New York in October of this year, so I will definitely make a trip to check it out.

Chanel Mobile Art Museum - exhibiting around the world until February 2010 - check for city nearest you

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the Launderette said...

so cool! i might have to make a trip up to new york as well.