Monday, June 9, 2008

Coming up Roses...not!

I have long been an avid fan of anything that smells remotely of jasmine and/or lily-of-the-valley, so I must, I MUST recommend this fabulous home fragrance. I use it in my office at work, and thankfully, it's a wonderful, clean, sweet smell that isn't too heavy. It makes my office smell like fresh lilies all day long. From West Elm (they have some other fabulous scents, too, such as Lavender Mint and Grapefruit/Mandarin), I chose White Flower because it was just too perfect for what I was looking for.

Fragrance is a funny thing in that everyone is different in what they like, and it's easy to annoy someone with a scent that someone might think is too much and they start to develop migraines, but thus far, this scent is nice in that it's not so over-powering that the scent drifts out of my office, and it keeps me serene and calm and happy. If you are near a West Elm, def. walk in and get a good sniff; you won't regret it (or have headaches!).

West Elm Diffusers and Sticks - White Flower - on sale for $19 (retails for $24)

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