Tuesday, June 10, 2008

music to help the children

UNICEF's goodwill ambassador Leon Lai 黎明 has recorded a charity song CD, called "You Won't Be Alone <你不會孤單>, with proceeds to benefit the Sichuan Redevelopment Project in China. The emphasis is on the children, which is what the title of the song was meant to convey, that they are not alone. Only 25,000 copies of the one song CD will be sold in Hong Kong, and they will be sold in jewelry stores, because he said that people shop more in jewelry stores than in CD stores. (HAH! Must be all of those pirated copies going around).

I haven't heard any music from Leon in a long time, mainly because he chose to stay out of the spotlight after peaking for several years in terms of his fame, so I thought it was nice for him to do this, especially since he didn't really have to do anything, he could've just stuck his face on a poster and ask for donations, but he made an effort to keep ppl engaged in the cause.

I was hoping that someone had the song posted online, as they had also filmed a music video for it, but nothing is available yet. It's too bad I can't buy a copy here, as I would love to have contributed to the cause. Hear more about what Leon had to say about the project. (Sorry, clip is only in Cantonese!)

Anyhow, if anyone out there is in HK, can you help me buy a copy, and I'll pay you back? Please email me if you can help me with this favor. Thanks! :D Better yet, you should buy some copies for the cause, too!

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