Tuesday, June 10, 2008

dreamy frock

While purchasing an old, worn dress would be the last thing I would ever do, this dress really caught my eye, mainly because it is so perfectly saccharine and decadent in design, even though I could never afford something like this.

YOOX has a collection of vintage Christian Dior pieces for sale. The bulk of them have sold out, but this dress, this wondrous, sugary, cotton candy frock from the 1940's is still available. I think it's still around not because it can't be worn in the modern age, but because of its very hefty price tag. That being said, I think that this dress says a lot about the designs of classic Dior. Timeless, this dress looks like it could have been created now, for the now, although it doesn't stray far from visions of debutante balls, Grace Kelly movies, or the occasional wedding.

I would imagine that wearing this dress will be difficult, too, with all the beading and layers of silk organza, and within it, practically a built-in corset!

Rare Haute Couture evening gown, model 00840. The strapless dress is made from blue-grey organza, and embroidered with iridescent sequins in the shapes of stripes and polka dots. A whalebone bodice attaches to the full petticoat by a series of tiny snap buttons. Side closure with hooks. There is a small tear near the buttons.

But what a wondrous dress. I would love to own something like this one day...

best worn with gloves...

Christian Dior vintage Haute Couture Gown - $10,635 at YOOX.com


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