Monday, June 9, 2008

not just a pretty face

While my favorite man of the hour, Matthew Macfadyen, still has my heart (see sidebar, and you MUST watch him as Darcy in 2005's "Pride & Prejudice"), he is considerably one half of a very attractive couple. His wife, Keeley Hawes, is no slouch, as recent of images of her in ads and on-screen show a hottie who is of a more sophisticated look.

The only work I'd really seen her was in "Spooks," otherwise known an "MI-5" in the US. That was the show that she'd met Matthew on, although on-screen they did not play a couple. I always thought her look kind of dowdy; maybe it was the lack of make-up, or the bland mousey hair, or the very insecure character that she played that emitted a lack of sexuality that made me pass her off as just another TV actress.

But steadily, she has shown herself to be a real hardworking actress, and a glamorous one at that. I didn't know this, but she's currently the voice of Lara Croft. She is in both film ("The Bank Job") and TV (she recently won the Glamour UK Award for Best Television Actress). And now, she's the face of a line of cosmetics and skin care for Boots No7 (only available in the UK, sadly). And she looks radiant!

I really like this campaign, although, I really think she acts way too mature for a woman of 31. She needs to be a bit more young, if you know what I mean. Taking a look at all of her different looks, she's like a chameleon, with a face that is an excellent canvas to show off the beauty products. The TV ad shows that she can be spritely, but again, I know she's the mother of 3, but she can come off more hip, no? In essence, I think she enjoys being a little more on the classic, refined side than a trendsetter.

Below is an older clip from a TV series where she played a small role, but you can see how beautiful she is here. (She's the tall blonde.) Also, this is one of the most HIGH-larious scenes I ever seen. Even if you don't know what's going on, try to watch the entire video. Cheers!

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