Wednesday, July 9, 2008

the dancing man

I'm prolly very behind in terms of these viral videos, but I love it! I couldn't stop watching them, if only because this guy, Matt, has come up w/ the cutest, coolest, and goofiest way to document his travels around the world. I like his earlier works, before the masses of ppl joined him, as it seems a bit too commercialized and takes away from the original, but they're still fun videos to watch over and over again.

I'm sooooo jealous that he's been to so many places around the world. He gives me hope that I too can one day travel the entire world. My personal fave is the video from 2006; there are some amazing locations that he dances in...!

I posted them below, from the newest video to the oldest. Just watching these videos really made me want to dance! :D




You can learn more about how this video project started through this nice little article from the NYT. There is also a website on the videos at :)

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