Friday, July 11, 2008

the ugly side of Louis

WWD Japan revealed on their cover a sneak peek of the exclusive collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Comme des Garcons. Starting in September, there will be a pop-up store selling six exclusive bags, all designed by Rei Kawakubo, featuring the classic monogram canvas and leather, albeit with some, ahem, whimsical twists, like extra handles, or two handles morphed into one. The store will only be around for 3 months, and will only be in Tokyo.

I took a gander. I paused. And the first thought in my mind... What is this HIDEOUS eight-armed atrocity? It's absolutely ridiculous. I can't even label this an artistic piece. It seems very trivial and silly. This is supposed to celebrate the two esteemed brands?!?

There is just something so plainly revolting and convoluted about these designer collabs that I feel speechless. Where is the DEE-ZIGN?!?!? I don't see it here. I'm not even talking about the practicality factor, which this bag obviously does not have, but pure aesthetics, that makes one proud to carry a bag, any bag. This is not one of them. It took my breath away because it is such a sorry looking piece of crap.

I have been a devoted LV fan for years, back when the pieces were classic (Vernis is my fave line, all the way), and it was such a luxury item that one doted on and took care of, and wore with some level of pride and fancy. Nowadays, the brand has devoted itself to so many hit-and-run, sometimes successful, sometimes tacky projects that it has lost a lot of appeal for me. These new "limited" pieces don't excite me at all. If anything, I'm dumbfounded that anyone, fan or critic, would think that these are cool at all.

Am I just being too conservative? I hope not, as I always prided myself on having a clean, appreciative eye for the finer things in life. These creations really look shoddy and uninventive to me. I don't understand the hype, if only to allow ppl to hate it, much like I do, and spew venom about it on blogs. Haha...but I digress...really, this is is JUST - SO - UGLY!!!

I took a quick look at Comme des Garcons' designs, and there are some really cool, edgy stuff in there. Their color thematics fall into the blacks and whites, the lines are very post-modern and not frilly at all. I would have LOVED to see them re-invent the LV brand into something that was in line w/ their usual perspective. That to me would be a true collab. Taking stock LV canvas and changing (or in this case, adding) stupidly useless handles does not equate a genuine collab for me. It's an insult to a true LV lover and anyone who has the moneybags to afford this useless crap. It is a sad day in the world of LV.

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