Thursday, July 10, 2008

Karl will attempt to conquer the World

It was bound to happen. Homes, built by...Chanel!!! Well, maybe not Chanel, but with Karl Lagerfeld at the helm, it will probably be very close in terms of style and quality. This is really as luxurious as one is going to get if you are into high fashion. Makes me wonder what those closets will look like; will there be specially designed niches for all of those high-end goodies?!?

Fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld has signed an exclusive deal to design 80 limited edition homes on Isla Moda, the world's first dedicated fashion island, set in the iconic development, The World. This will be an exclusive collaboration between Dubai Infinity Holdings and Karl Lagerfeld across the GCC and India. Karl Lagerfeld is the first of five designers who will contribute to this iconic property.

Isla Moda

Isla Moda is the world's first dedicated Fashion Island. A mixed use development set in the iconic development The World, Isla Moda will combine a fashion resort, haute couture residential villas, bespoke retail offerings and luxury hospitality facilities in a drive to establish Dubai as a paradise of style. World renowned fashion designers from each continent will be instrumental in designing each element of the development.

Isla Moda will include a fashion hotel and a variety of luxury residential villas. The Hotel Moda will have approximately 250 rooms and serviced apartments, along with boutiques representing the world's most prominent designers, many of them exclusively. There will also be design studios and dedicated areas to service world renowned fashion events. Each area will be designed with the needs of the fashion industry and fashion connoisseurs in mind.

Near the residential collection will be the stylish Beach, Royal and Water Villas. All villas and villettes will offer a unique living experience while the limited edition villas will offer one of kind views, private beaches, pools and other unique residential accessories. As a first-of-a-kind project in the world, fashion conscious residents will select from the world's most recognized designers to create their own couture homes.

Isla Moda will also host exclusive international events, featuring high profile-designers and attended by the fashion world's crème de la crème. Fashion shows and limited edition product launches are a few of the events that will take place on the island.

Moreover, Isla Moda will offer first-class service in the form of a personal concierge for guests and residents alike ranging from a style concierge for clothing, perfumery, personal style makeovers, as well as design concierge to create one of a kind living environments with bespoke furnishings, art, and technology. Hotel guests and residential owners will also receive VVIP access to exclusive events, services, and products globally.

This is just insane. A whole island retreat dedicated to fashion!!! Just boggles the mind how cool and funky and beautiful this place is going to be. This is like the rich man's (or woman's) Disneyland.

I don't see myself ever having the opportunity in my lifetime to live in such a fantasy land, but one never knows, I could hit the lottery tomorrow and things will be very different. Maybe I can visit the hotel, assuming it's cost prohibitive! :P I can't wait to see what the homes end up looking like once they have all been completed. Sounds completely swoon-worthy!

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